Dental Scaling

We are certified pet dentists and we are here to provide the best non-anesthetic dental scaling for your best friend. We use a combination of ultrasonic and hand scaler to provide the best cleaning without the use of anesthesia or any sedative. We guarantee you the best service, and the best care with your pet.

Spa Bath

This service includes a very nice bath, using only the best quality shampoo and conditioner for your best friend. Nail clip, ear cleaning and express anal glands are all included in this service. Nice perfume and accessories of your choice can be added if you prefer.

Luxury Partial Grooming

This Luxury Partial Grooming includes everything in spa bath plus trimming of the feet, face, and privates.

Luxury Premium Grooming

This Luxury Premium Grooming includes everything in spa bath plus a very good grooming of the face, paws pads and styled hair cut, usually based on their breed.

A la carte


The price range vary by the breed and hair style. Extra charge for styles that require extra time.

After 6:00 Pick-ups fee will be charged at manager’s discretion.