Welcome to Joni Grooming Spa & Boutique. We are master groomers! However, first and foremost we are pet lovers offering a caring and attentive perspective to service that only happens if one likes pets we do.

Regardless of species or breed, age or temperament, we are proud to offer a full service dog spa experience, from grooming services to pet hotel and accessories sales. We will also refer you to our trusted veterinarian partners in case we notice any medical care needs on your beloved family member.

We do all Grooming Styles including Breed Specific Show Cuts, Puppy Cuts, Shave Downs, Hygiene Cuts, De-Matting, Brush Outs, Bathing, Hand Drying (No Cage Dryers!), Lion Cuts (for Cats), Teeth Brushing, Nail Trims, Flea & Tick Treatments, All Natural Hypo-allergenic shampoos and Cage less Daycare!


Owner & Master Groomer

As a Master Groomer, Camylla makes the creative decisions and lets her detail oriented mind do the work that is recognized since 2010 as one of Boca Raton’s best. Her ability extends beyond her scissors however, going to how your pets are handled and how happy they feel after a service.